Thanks to Armando Lucero and Masters of Magic for this incredible opportunity!

While waiting to meet you all personally at the next MASTERS OF MAGIC WORLD CONVENTION, Armando Lucero has decided to give away, to all friends of Masters of Magic, one month free membership to his wonderful site – THE HUNGRY IMAGINATION – where you can find his life’s production: creations, his magic as well as his unique way of presenting this wonderful art.

We report the words of Armando Lucero:

“THE HUNGRY IMAGINATION is a way to share my passion. I make films and write articles about magic and perceptual engineering – part art, part science, but for anyone fascinated by the peculiarities of the mind. Members receive monthly magic shows and informative notes.

You will find a registration form, you don’t have to enter your credit card, just fill in all the fields to enjoy the extraordinary experience of THE HUNGRY IMAGINATION”.

Click here to receive your free 1 month subscription!

Thank you!

Armando Lucero

The Hungry Imagination Website


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