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#Review Virtual Color Separation by Biagio Fasano

di Davide Rubat Remond

For an effect to be defined as “classic” and to become popular, to be known and recognized by everyone as a creative laboratory for countless new variations, it must have certain basic characteristics that make it simple and surprising at the same time. Above all, it must resist time, it must never grow old; on the contrary, every new version, more or less simple, more or less surprising, gives it a new vitality that tends to be eternal.

Once again Biagio Fasano confronts himself with a classic of card magic, after “Virtual Oil and Water” and then “Virtual Revelations Triumph”, the cornerstone of the classic effects of card magi in the hands of Biagio becomes another contactless effect, to be done at a distance, without the need to see the cards. An incredible situation, “Out of this world!”

The strength of “Out of this world” and its countless variations, is given by the simplicity of the basic idea: shuffle the cards, with different ways according to the setting, and manage to separate the reds from the blacks, leaving the spectator the freedom of choice on the movement of the cards. Virtual Color Separation completes a triptych of card magic classics revisited with Biagio Fasano’s well-established style. It is a completely automatic “Hands-off” effect to be performed particularly on the phone or in video chat, possible also in presence.

It does not require anything other than a deck of cards, even if not complete, no preparation, no difficulty in carrying out the simple instructions dictated by the mentalist to make the many free choices on the various decks that will be formed in the course of the effect. The spectator will be asked to choose the color of the suits he prefers and to form a series of packs, to which will be added some cards of the opposite color, and from here will begin a series of meetings of the packs, of reversals, of redistributions, mixtures and still other subdivisions in small groups of cards, all in complete freedom without the performer ever seeing the cards or having any kind of information about them. The disordered presence of the two colors, in the two sides, in the various packs will not go unnoticed.

After the spectator has reassembled the deck, ordered according to the various dynamics due to his choices, and has laid it out on the table, he will realize that all the cards on the face are of the same color, and on the other hand all the other cards on the back are of the opposite color. It is impossible for the spectator to understand how the miracle of the division of colors could be accomplished.

The strengths can be deduced from what has been written up to here, it is virtually certain the success of the effect despite the many variables due to the reversal of the bundles by the viewer. The only weak point, if you want to find at least one defect, is the forcing of the first distribution of the packs to 24 cards in the two colors, in this regard there is also a video tutorial that shows an alternative way to make this first step more illusive.

Another great result for Biagio, Out of This World!

“Any fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” Pete Seeger

Available as a pdf eBook and a MP4 Video Tutorial in English on

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

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