Recensione: Vernet Band Writer (Grease)

A writing nail is an essential tool for a mentalist and it should be in his arsenal.

Since I read the first step of the “13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda”, I becam interested in this subject, in its simplicity is an amazing tool, but it’s difficult to find the right type, suitable for the performer. I have been disappointed most of times by the models on the market.

But this is not the case with the Vernet Band Writer.

In flesh-colored silicone it is comfortable to wear and invisible even in situations of closeup, compared to classic models or “boon” types. And finally i’ve found the swamii that will not fall from my hand! Available in lead or grease tip, i choosed the grease type, very readable both in close up or stage.

A purchase that I would recommend to anyone interested in writing nails, now I no longer have excuses for not training myself to write with my thumb.

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