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Vanish International Magazine Numero 7

E’ uscito il nuovo numero di Vanish, rivista di magia ed illusionismo in inglese, da scaricare gratuitamente dal sito

In questo numero:

Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler – another bar stunt you can perform anytime anywhere
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants – why we should all respect magicians who have done it all before and what we can learn from them – the word is RESPECT
Weight A Second – an impossible estimation routine by Stefan Olschewiski
Why Would You Want To Be David Copperfield? – Bizzaro asks a valid question and his essay is sure to provoke
Imaginary Circumstances by Joey Pipia – lessons learned from the theatre applied to magic
Magician’s Crossword Puzzle – print this off and have some fun
Alan Watson – A Lifetime of Magic – Paul Romhany and friends interview Alan and find out what makes a successful performer
Slip-Sliding Away – Wayne Rogers has a great card routine that is perfect for trade-shows
Divining Cards Book Test – An easy but powerful book test by Richard Webster
Scripting Your Show – a look at whether or not to script your show by Cris Johnson
Sound Advice – Peter Mennie continues his column on sound in shows – this issue it’s about speakers
Behind The Advertisement – a new column by Paul Romhany featuring a background story on advertisers for Vanish
Finding Your Fitness Secret – Leif David discusses the importance of health and fitness and shares some tips
A Tribute To Jaks – another great routine by Banachek
OMGNAACAAN – Oh My God, Not Another Any Card At Any Number – routine by Paul Alberstat
Bachstage – Illusions, Creativity and Performance Tips by Charles Bach
In Your Hands – Part 2 of the Jeff McBride Magic & Mystery School teachings – this issue is by George Parker
The Magic Assistant – Gwyn Auger introduces Melanie Giles and her background and feelings on being an assistant to a well-known illusionist
Lessons Learned – from the USA via Denmark Anders Hansen has made a name for himself and he shares some fascinating stories he has learnt along the way
The Jolly Jester by Steve Spill – Some great stories working with Bob Sheets – things you couldn’t do now!
The Day Everything Changed – Jeff McBride shares his views on the use of Video Monitors in performances
Stike Debt Magic – NY magician Ben Robinson writes about one gig he will never forget
Striking A Chord – Music and Magic by Lee Alex
Young Magicians Corner – Chase Hasty’s column for those starting out in magic
Magic Reviews – the latest products, DVDs and e-books from around the world
From The Desk Of Keith Fields – Part 3 of Keith’s work on performing street magic
Nick Lewin Presents – Health Tips for the road warrior
One Word Often Forgotten – Chipper Lowell’s rantings from a comedy magician
Witch Queen (s) of New Orleans – another great routine by TC Tahoe
Bag Of Tricks – by Bill Warren – a look behind a remarkable film being made by Kevin Spencer
A Sneak Viewing … Joe Gold shares some moments behind the scenes of a new movie coming out about magicians
Joker Mental – a killer card routine by Danny Archer

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

Principalmente sono io Andrea Clemente Pancotti: infanzia rovinata dai fascicoli di “STUPIRE!” di Carlo “Mago Fax” Faggi. Abbandona l’Arte per poi riscoprirla alla soglia degli ‘anta.“. Ora il team si e’ allargato, siamo comunque un gruppo di amatori, seriamente innamorati della Magia…

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