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Nuovo spettacolo di Copperfield?

Si vocifera di un nuovo spettacolo di David Copperfield, ecco l’articolo apparso su

Is David Copperfield on the verge of a comeback? So says anarticle in Forbes. On the other hand, I don’t think that Copperfield has ever experienced any downtime.

“…you are forgiven if you have not heard much about the man in the last decade or so,” says the story. “In those intervening years since Copperfield’s apex in the 1990s, the center stage-on the American magic scene, at least-has been hijacked by newer, fresher names, like the bad-boy illusionist Criss Angel and the death-defying endurance wizard David Blaine. Copperfield admits that as the new century dawned, after years of touring, filming and performing, he found himself a bit burned out on magic.”

I disagree that Copperfield has ever been “hijacked” by either Criss Angel or David Blaine. Copperfield remains the brand that conjures up images of spectacular magic.

“But now Copperfield is attempting to pull off what might be his greatest trick yet: conjuring his own reappearance,” says the story.  “…his new act, beginning later this year, will take place in the old Hollywood Theater, which will be renamed for him. The magician promises that the new show will contain his best tricks ever-” Jurassic Park -sized magic,” he says-which have taken him years to perfect.”

I look forward to seeing what Copperfield has in store.

You can read the entire story here.

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

Principalmente sono io Andrea Clemente Pancotti: infanzia rovinata dai fascicoli di “STUPIRE!” di Carlo “Mago Fax” Faggi. Abbandona l’Arte per poi riscoprirla alla soglia degli ‘anta.“. Ora il team si e’ allargato, siamo comunque un gruppo di amatori, seriamente innamorati della Magia…

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