Crowdfunding “United Magicians for the World” #MOM2020 #MAGICNEVERSTOPS

Con questa iniziativa (leggi tutto su) sono stati raccolti 12’104.65€ per l’associazione FISM che ha deciso di dividerlo equamente tra i partecipanti al WCM 2022 che abbiano età compresa tra i 16 ed i 25 anni.

The crowdfunding organized by United Magicians for the World ended on 31st December 2020.

By common consent from the Continental Presidents (FEB) and after consulting also Walter Rolfo, two of our lawyers, Hanno Rhomberg, President of MRA Austria (whose Club did a similar fund raising for Austrian Magicians), and Norbert Ferré (President of a charity organization) it has been decided as follows:

The full amount will be equally split among all the competitors registered in WCM 2022 and aged from 16 to 25 (at the date of the convention in Quebec).

Thanks again to Walter Rolfo for this great initiative. We estimate that there will be around 50 young magicians that will compete in WCM 2022 but we will inform you in details when registrations have been made.


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