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Potter & Potter Winter Magic Auction – Dec. 14, 2019

Asta di oggetti di #Magia, con pezzi provenienti dalla collezione di Gianni Pasqua, Roxy, e di altre provenienze, con anche oggetti di Harry Houdini.

#Winter #Magic #Auction – Dec. 14, 2019

Featuring selections from the collection of Giovanni Pasqua – aka Roxy – our Winter sale features rare #conjuring books from the sixteenth century to the present day. Complementing the books from Roxy’s collection will be an assortment of collectible props, #Houdiniana, and choice posters.

Catalogs #ship approximately three weeks prior to the auction. Previews will be held in our #gallery #December 12—13, 10—5pm

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Giovanni Pasqua (stage name “Roxy”) became interested in magic when he was only seven years old, and he followed his passion for prestidigitation all his life. In 1971, he founded the Circolo Amici della Magia di Torino (The Friends of Magic Club) to share his passion with other lovers of the art, and he carried on this activity for 35 years.

Pasqua presented magic shows and lectures at the most important gatherings of magicians all over the world, including the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. He wrote more than twenty publications on magic, in addition to numerous articles for a variety of international magazines.

Pasqua collected and studied antiquarian books on magic and allied arts. His library, selections of which are offered in this auction, contained some 3,000 volumes dating as early as the sixteenth century. His lecture on “lightning calculators” was presented at the tenth Los Angeles Conference on Magic History, an important and highly selective congress on conjuring historical research which was held biennially between 1989 and 2007. Other lectures included “Searching for the Secrets of Magic” (Kansas City), “Charlatanism in the Age of Reason” (University of Queensland), “Rare Tricks Performed in the Middle Ages, Renaissance & the Age of Reason” (Paris and Washington), “Magic Literature in Italy during the 18th Century” (Berlin), and “Gli Sputatori d’Acqua [The Water Spitters]”) (Italy).

Pasqua’s lifelong research of old texts thought to fall outside the field of magic led him to discover previously unrecognized references to conjuring in works from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century, such as descriptions of trick daggers, feats of mnemonics, incombustible men, cutting off and rejoining a head to its body, and others, one of which even led to the identification a living descendent of the magician Abraham Colorni.

As a tribute to his enduring legacy, the Roxy Award for Research on the History of Magic was established in 2012.

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

Principalmente sono io Andrea Clemente Pancotti: infanzia rovinata dai fascicoli di “STUPIRE!” di Carlo “Mago Fax” Faggi. Abbandona l’Arte per poi riscoprirla alla soglia degli ‘anta.“. Ora il team si e’ allargato, siamo comunque un gruppo di amatori, seriamente innamorati della Magia…

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