Ye Olde Magic Mag #2 is OUT!

ye olde magic mag

Issue TWO of Ye Olde Magic Mag has now been released!

As you have either bought a previous issue of the first digital magazine on magic history and magic collecting, or have recorded your interest in Ye Olde Magic Mag, we think you may be interested in knowing about this issue!

You can buy Vol. 1, issue 2 for only £9.00, print and digital editions, post-free worldwide! Only 50 copies are available!

This is the largest issue to date (48 pages, 18,000 words) with articles on magic tokens, Bartolomeo Bosco, Chris Van Bern, Maskelyne‘s Psycho, a unique magic poster recently discovered, reviews of recent auctions and of sales of antiquarian magic books… and more!

Click here to read more about Vol. 1, issue 2 of Ye Olde Magic Mag!

PLEASE, send this email to your collector/historian friends, and invite them to shareYe Olde Magic Mag: we want all lovers of magic history and all magic collectors to know about this new, exciting magazine!

Many thanks for your attention, best regards,

Marco Pusterla M.M.C.
Ye Olde Magic Mag

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