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Review: Theos by Parama Playing Cards

Finally I got the Green Theos cards! Beautiful!

First of all, congratulations to the designer Roberto Pretari, the graphics are beautiful and evocative, the theme of the cards is Greek mythology, and the ace of spades, depicting Cerberus the three-headed guardian dog of the underworld, is truly a masterpiece.

The box is produced by Oath Playing Cards, with details in relief and decorations in metallic green, very particular and pleasant to the touch. Info: instead the “Deluxe Limited” edition of only 350 pieces has the box produced in Italy, wonderful, look at it in photos!

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The cards are made through the USPCC, United States Playing Card Company, on their paper used to produce Bee Cards (Bee Stock), pleasant to the touch, and with a perfect cut.

The graphic of the back is in this variant with predominantly green color, the particular design allows to obtain beautiful “scenic” effects once they are ribbon spread on a table, just look at the photos! Also in the deck there are some gaffs for conjurers.

I called Parama bad guys to compliment him, they don’t make a mistake, among other things this one also was funded on Kickstarter, and they told me that their cards are distributed by Murphy’s Magic, and revealed that the next deck will have as a theme the Native Americans (on their page there is a preview of the Cheveyo).

Congratulations to Parama!!!


Theos on Kickstarter:

Theos on Murphy’s Magic SUpplies:

Parama Playing Cards Website:



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