5 Domande: Paul Gordon

Ho visto un video di Paul Gordon qualche anno fa, ho subito acquistato il libro “The Unplanned Card Book“, ma devo ammettere che non l’avevo capito subito. Mi c’e’ voluto un po’ per capirne la bellezza, così quando sono usciti i suoi nuovi libri, la trilogia Gold Dust, mi ci sono subito fiondato sopra, acquistando da lui anche una serie di DVD e packet trick, materiale che davvero vale “oro”.

La cosa peculiare e’ che lui fa solo ed esclusivamente Magia con le carte, il che dimostra che se si ha talento si puo’ benissimo fare strada maneggiando le nostre 52 amiche.

Ecco a voi le 5 domande poste a Paul Gordon in inglese.

1) How /when did you get in contact with Magic?

I first got interested in magic in 1967 when my uncle showed me a coin trick. I joined the local magic club in 1976 and started publishing/contributing to magazines in 1979 starting with Abra.

Harry Lorayne’s Close-up Card Magic was the first important book. But, the first one I read was in 1969. It was John Fisher’s Magic Book.

2)Which episode of your magic career is more vivid in your memory?

In 1979 I won, in a raffle, Harry Lorayne’s Close-up Card Magic and I fell in love with card magic; especially Harry’s. I have very happy memories of that time.

I was told “you can’t do just card magic!” by a few famous magicians in the 70’s. I thought, “We’ll see!” I guess I proved them wrong because it’s what I do. Just cards…with fun and humour!

3) Which are the magicians who inflenced you mostly?

My biggest influence has been Harry Lorayne as a performer and writer. He’s the best card magic entertainer I’ve seen. I love his energy and enthusiasm. It’s wonderful!

I’ve met Harry many times. He’s wonderful. So inspirational and so talented. He’s a joy to be with.

4) Which aspect of Magic you love most?

I love interactive magic. I love jazz patter. Entertaining with strong visual card magic is my goal. My Gold Dust Trilogy of books are full of this kind of magic.

5) What are your project for the future?

Aside from just having published the Gold Dust Trilogy, I’ve just filmed, with Alakazam, a DVD box set based on the books. It’s called Gold Dust Live. I’d love to lecture in Italy, but I just need to be asked!

And two more questions…

6)I have the Gold Dust Trilogy, and i do perform some effects, just “some” cause my pace is slower than yours and i’m not so funny, anyway, when you perform table hopping, how many minutes do you spend for table and how many tricks generally?

Firstly, I think you can do all the tricks in Gold Dust Trilogy. Just do them at your speed. But, when I table hop I do about 5-10 minutes. It depends on how many people etc.

7)Finally, aside of your own material, i’m looking forward for the dvd, what are 3 books you will suggest for becoming a card magic entertainer?

I’m looking forward to Gold Dust Live 3-DVD box set too! Thank you. To entertain with cards I think you need Close-up Card Magic, The Royal Road to Card Magic and, dare I say, Gold Dust Trilogy.

Many thanks, Paul Gordon

Ecco qui sotto un video dove Paul esegue i suoi effetti e non dimenticate di visitare il suo sito web http://www.paulgordon.net/

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