Who’s Hoo, il talk show del Magic Castle

WhosHooLogoScoperto ieri su facebook, pubblicato da non ricordo chi, il famoso Magic Castle di Los Angeles, il’ più famoso circolo di magia al mondo ha il suo talk show. Lo show e’ trasmesso via web sul sito del circolo, nell’ area riservata ai suoi soci.

Recentemente sono stati fatti dei piccoli trailer su Vimeo (una cinquantina) e sono davvero appetitosi! Ecco il link http://vimeo.com/channels/303984

Ecco quello di David Williamson (tra l’altro sarà in Italia per il Fism2015!).

By Simon Coronel , February 1st, 2012

Among its other fascinating quirks, The Magic Castle has its own talk show called “Who’s Hoo”. It was originally hosted by the inimitable Rob Zabrecky, until he handed the project over to his Unholy Three collaborator, Fitzgerald.

The show is broadcast exclusively on the members-only section of the Castle’s website, and features Magic Castle members being interviewed about their lives inside and outside of magic. It’s always interesting, frequently entertaining, and occasionally very slightly terrifying.

Some of the more notable people to have appeared on the show include Jason Alexander of Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris of, well, pretty much everything, and several dozen other weird, wonderful, and remarkable Magic Castle members. And now, as of a couple of weeks ago, this guy here. Yes, the one writing this crappy blog.

Though the full show remains restricted to members only, the Who’s Hoo team recently put up a small two minute teaser (embedded below, or viewable here on Vimeo) of the full interview, in which I talk about being terrified and making questionable life decisions.

source http://www.thingsbysimon.com/whos-hoo-at-the-magic-castle/

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