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Review: Sibyl by Phedon Bilek

By Christian Scarpa

Today I want to review an extraordinary product, a DVD like a few others. Do you want to learn something really magical? You are in the right place.

Imagine being able to stop anyone in the street, and in the blink of an eye know everything about them and the people they are thinking about. Imagine being able to read their expectations, their concerns, their relationships … Well, with this DVD you can do it immediately and without problems!

The DVD I’m talking about is Sybil, from the Greek mentalist Phedon Bilek. The type of mentalism you will learn, as you may have guessed, is “emotional”, so you will be able to read anyone’s emotions in any place and at any time, using only your words. Sounds incredible, right?

With this DVD you will learn how to:

– Read the character of a person you have just met, revealing details about his past, present and future!

– Reveal the name and character of a person thought by the spectator, even by telephone.

Moreover, for the first time ever, Phedon reveals his secret method called “Prism”, that will make possible to read the mind of the spectator without the need to use any particular technique. The “Journey” system will also be explained, that will transform the mind reading a sort of mysterious and absolutely unforgettable “story” for the spectator.

Among the subtleties taught on the DVD there are some special techniques, namely:

– “Blank Piece disconnect”
– “Wait-a-second”
– “Under The Radar”

Very useful to every mentalist and devastating if used with the effects of this DVD.

Success, I repeat, is assured, and believe me if I tell you that you will leave a sign in the viewer that he will never forget. In addition to this, at his eyes you won’t be “The magician” or “The mentlist”, but you will be forever “The person who really read his mind”. I’ve tried the methods taught on this DVD a lot of times, and I’ve never got a different result than what was said a few lines before. It sounds incredible, I know … but this is real magic!

The price of the DVD is around 65€, but it is worth all of them, up to the last euro. In addition to the DVD you will also receive a handy summary pdf to use as a guide to learn or recap the various techniques.

Distributed by Murphy’s Magic Supplies

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

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