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Remote Couple ESPeriment by Biagio Fasano (B. Magic) #recensione #review

A necessary introduction to this “Remote Couple ESPeriment” eBook review.

I have never had good mathematical teaching in compulsory schools, for various reasons, and I have often noticed how mathematics in schools becomes a sterile and mechanical subject so that either a pupil is led towards it or he will reject it a priori. In real life, I have had to deal with this discipline and its logical reasoning both in the study of Latin and of music and, often, in art, mathematics constantly comes to the fore. This is to explain how we often have an erroneous view of mathematics combined with magic because it is much more ductile and fascinating than one might suppose.

This is demonstrated by this work by B. Magic, aka Biagio Fasano (available at, in both Italian and English language, through which one can not only amaze the spectator with the execution of the effect, but, because the way it has been conceived, it can also be very well performed online through any platform (from Skype to Zoom etc.) and is therefore very “useful” even in the still uncertain period in which we live. This is no small thing, also because the way it is conceived makes it even more magical and mysterious.

The perfromer asks the spectator to draw on five cards or sheets of paper the ESP symbols (here he prefers to replace the figure of the waves with that of the triangle) which will then be mixed together. Even if the spectator’s back is turned (or the webcam frame is changed), the mentalist will always be able to guess which pair the spectator has chosen.

We thus have two concatenated effects. The first one is that the spectator (visually or online) builds his own set so it is obvious that there are no marked cards or rigged in any way by the performer and this, consequently, will take to a higher level the fact that the mentalist will guess the pair of cards, because he will never have physically touched them. So, not a “simple” revelation that can also be dictated by a trick, but something really… impossible.

The explanation of the effect, also helped by very clear drawings, is well detailed in all possible variations and not at all difficult, but just very fascinating and…. logical even for someone who, like me, has a degree in Literature.

I don’t want to go into the explanation of the ebook because I would take away the reader’s surprise, but I strongly recommend it not only to the fans of mathematical magic, but also, as I said before, for its possibility to be easily carried out online.

At the end of the work a bibliography and a sitography to expand the argument.

You can find this and all other eBooks by B. Magic (in English or Italian language) at this address:

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