OPENMIC🎙️ Paul VOODINI, Wed. 31 March 2021 8 PM GMT

OPENMIC🎙️ Paul VOODINI, Mercoledì 31/3/2021 ore 21

Youtube Link

🇮🇹 Andrea Pancotti, Maurizio Faletto ed Alberto Bassino incontrano, virtualmente, l’Artista. Siete invitati a partecipare attivamente facendo domande su youtube, ed a intervenire durante la diretta!
A seguire la chiacchierata continua poi, per gli addetti ai lavori, sulla piattaforma SKYPE organizzata dall’Associazione Cilindro Magico.

🇬🇧 Andrea, Maurizio and Alberto will meet virtually the artist. You are invited to actively participate by asking questions on youtube during the live broadcast! The chat continues later on skype, ask us for the link through our social networks.

Paul Voodini is a full time working performer from England. He has written extensively on the subjects of séance, tarot card reading and the paranormal. For many years he worked almost exclusively amongst “shut eye” circles, and the information he gleamed from this environment was condensed into his books and passed on to the mentalist & bizarre magic communities.

Paul was originally very much a shut eye himself, and learned to read the tarot cards and host séances way back in the 1980’s. Although he works now very much as an entertainer and theatrical performer, he is still very much immersed in the world of the paranormal, and his current two-person show Kindred Spirits seeks to recreate the world of Victorian Spiritualism and seance!



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