Arturo Brachetti è ospite speciale della convention internazionale di magia di Blackpool

SOLO, il one man show di Arturo Brachetti, è ospite speciale della #convention internazionale di magia di Blackpool che si svolge in questi giorni nella cittadina inglese.

Brachetti si esibirà in due repliche dello spettacolo sabato 15 febbraio (Saturday Show) alle 18,15 e 20,45 all’ #Opera House di Blackpool, uno dei più grandi teatri d’ #Inghilterra con oltre 2.800 posti.

SOLO finora è stato applaudito in #Europa da oltre 400.000 spettatori.

With this year’s attendance expected to reach in excess of 5,000 people, the Blackpool Magic Convention 2020 is undoubtedly the biggest and best #magic convention in the world today.

Visitors flock from around the #globe to watch some of the finest exponents of their art, perform in a variety of large scale shows, lectures and ‘Ted Style’ talks that run throughout the three-day event on the 14th, 15th and 16th February. There is even a ‘#fringe’ that features one-man shows, headlined by people such as #MacKing, who will be performing his legendary show from #LasVegas on the Saturday night.

The convention also features a Dealer’s Hall that has over 180 companies displaying and selling some of the newest and most original magic available today.

The scale is quite simply… mind-blowing!

The Convention Team pride themselves on creating brand new events and concepts each year and three of the biggest at Blackpool 2020, are major stars in the magic field and beyond.

Lance Burton will headline the Friday night show, alongside some of his best friends in the world of magic and variety. Lance is considered by his peers to be one of the top magicians in the world today and Blackpool 2020 is excited that this will be his first ever UK Convention appearance.

The World’s most famous quick change artist, Arturo Brachetti will headline the Saturday night show in the 3,500 seat Opera House Theatre with his incredible one-man show ‘Solo’. This huge production has been ‘sold out’ in Europe throughout his current tour and we know it will be one of the major hits at this year’s convention.

Uri Geller will also be presenting a ‘Mega Lecture’ in The Opera House Theatre, where he will be talking about his life and the incredible career that has made him a world-wide star for over 50 years.

Welcome to Blackpool 2020!

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