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Virtual Revelations Triumph by Biagio Fasano #Review

by Davide Rubat Remond

The name “Triumph” evokes a method, devised by Dai Vernon, of shuffling cards together, some face down nd some face up, and having them all return in the same direction. And in the end a chosen card, lost in the chaos created by various cuts and mixes is revealed in a triumphant final effect.

B. Magic’s (Biagio Fasano) new publication once again confirms his ability to create mathematical gems that are as simple as they are wonderful. In the same vein as his previous work, he once again tackles a classic of card magic and makes it accessible to anyone, to all lovers of the “Triumph” theme, but especially to lovers of self-working effects. The meaning of this adjective in this case is more than ever, because the work of the performer is practically reduced to zero, the cards themselves perform the effect until the revelation of the choices made, by the spectators themselves.

“Virtual Revelations Triumph” consists of three distinct effects, the first designed for two spectators, in presence or at a distance (telephone, video chat), using 24 cards. The second is optimised for a single spectator and uses 12 cards, and is faster in its execution than the previous one. While the third, added in the last revision of the e-book, is designed to involve as many as four spectators (all in the same location in presence or in connection), who can all interact together for the same effect.

Needless to say, in all three cases, the effects are hands-off and can be performed at a distance as well as in presence. The free choices that spectators are required to make are many and decidedly illusive. After selecting the cards to be dispersed and inserting them face up or face down, the various packs can be flipped, cut and shuffled several times throughout the effect, creating a real chaos among the cards. Anyway, at the end, when you are asked to open the deck, the order is incredibly restored and the chosen cards are highlighted. This applies to both single and paired versions, and particularly interesting is the idea of involving four people at a distance who can make multiple free choices from a single deck of cards.

The power of the final revelation is unquestionable for all three effects, but the arrangement of the cards in the last deal, particularly in the version for two spectators, could appear suspicious to an attentive eye. In the other two effects this circumstance is really less evident, the two shuffling procedures are much more effective, but on the other hand some passages of cards between decks may reveal their true nature, only to those who are passionate about this type of effec.
But this does not detract from a trilogy of effects to be performed improvised, with a whole deck or even with just a few cards, in presence or on the phone or in a video chat, needing only one, two or four spectators able to follow the performer and adhere to very simple instructions. This is the meaning of “Virtual Revelations Triumph”, to minimise the difficulty of execution and to achieve maximum amazement in an incredible way in the eyes of the spectators.

Any fool can do something complex; it takes a genius to do something simple.
(Pete Seeger)

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