Vanish International Magazine Numero 24

E’ uscito il nuovo numero di Vanish, rivista di magia ed illusionismo in inglese, da scaricare gratuitamente dal sito

The latest edition of the popular free magazine Vanish has just been published featuring an in depth interview with Paul Daniels, along with youTube secrets, Backstage secrets, free magic tricks with video, how to use social media, Francis Menotti: A red hot thinking magician, plus reviews galore. In total over 200 pages of magic, and all for free.

The story on Paul Daniels is written by his close friend Ben Robinson and is a profile and in-depth interview with this truly great entertainer. This is NOT a puff piece. It is solid, spot on interview with the truth as our rudder. In a world where everyone is “legendary” and a “genius” the words hold little sway for those who really deserve the encomiums. Paul Daniels is worth every accolade you shall ever hear or read. And he worked for it.

200 pages of the latest reviews, articles, essays and magic tricks by working professionals.

A fantastic way to help promote the art of magic and offer something very special to ALL of your customers.

vanish magic magazine 24 paul daniels

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