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Vanish International Magazine Numero 16

E’ uscito il nuovo numero di Vanish, rivista di magia ed illusionismo in inglese, da scaricare gratuitamente dal sito

vanish magazine

Our cover is Mat Franco – the worlds hottest and latest million dollar magician. In this issue we feature Mat and his mentor and teacher Jeff McBride opens up about his thoughts and views on Mat’s incredible winning performance. There is no question that Mat has changed magic and we get the first look in to how he did it.

We also welcome our latest contributor Jeff Hobson who shares his stories and insights while traveling with The Illusionists.

Nick Lewin also has an in-depth interview with creator, producer, writer, and performer David Regal that will give you an insight in to one of the most creative magicians today.

One of the UKs busiest magicians Alan Hudson returns from performances in LA and discusses the Top 10 Tips for the Professional Close-Up Magician

David Gabbay has an essay on The Confusing Magic Trick and talks about simplicity.

We also have a tribute to Jonie Spina who had such an influence in the world of magic both on television and in live performances.

Timothy Hyde’s series continues with the theme of creativity.

For balloon twisters our regular balloon art by Qualatex is here with a lesson in how to make a motorcycle with a kick stand!

Ben Robinson has written the most fascinating article called Harpo Marx Magic and he relates some fantastic stories with the Marx Brothers.

From The McBride Magic & Mystery School Tobias Beckwith shares his essay on Playing Big. Something we learnt while watching Mat Franco during his AGT time.

Illusionist Charles Bach talks about How To Choose the Right Music for your act with great tips and advice.

When it comes to marketing and getting publicity nobody does it better than Canadian Illusionist Ted Outerbridge. His article this issue is entitled Media Appearances.

We have a new contribution by Joshua Meggison who shares his personal Mind Maps. A very interesting and thought provoking series of ways to help your magic grow.

We also feature some great magic effects you can make at home from mentalism, cards to stage.

And of course the ever popular magic reviews where we test out the latest DVDs, products, tricks, APPs and books.

All this and more from – download the interactive PDF from our main site for FREE or get the APP versions.

Also get Vanish as an APP on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Tablet or phone by clicking on the link on our main page. This way you’ll get notification whenever a new issue comes out – it’s a free app to download.

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

Principalmente sono io Andrea Clemente Pancotti: infanzia rovinata dai fascicoli di “STUPIRE!” di Carlo “Mago Fax” Faggi. Abbandona l’Arte per poi riscoprirla alla soglia degli ‘anta.“. Ora il team si e’ allargato, siamo comunque un gruppo di amatori, seriamente innamorati della Magia…

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