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Roberto Giobbi’s The Magic Memories

The Magic Advent Calendar, which ran from December 1 to 24 in 24 installments, was quite a success, and I would like to thank all those who kindly wrote in saying that they are missing it.

As for 2021, it looks as if the situation won’t improve too soon…I’ll leave any clever comments to others. Preferring deeds to words, The Magic Memories project is my contribution to a small part of your magic life, if you will.

Similar to the Magic Advent Calendar it reflects the things I’m interested in and which I believe connect in one way or another to the complex world of magic, briefly it’s the kind of things I would like to read myself (texts, PDFs, web-links, film clips).

Conceptually this is similar to my agendas (Secret AgendaHidden Agenda  and Secret Twitter) but with the infinite possibilities of Internet. Here as there the idea is to give a practical example which also serves as a door-opener. The Japanese say, “Every small world harbors a big world.” Magic in itself is a small universe, which in itself is made up of an infinite number of galaxies. By reading and hopefully enjoying the content of The Magic Memories you may simply stop at the given contribution, or use it as a trigger to explore the “galaxy” it leads to. Therefore, the project is at the same time simple and complex, as you allow it to be.

The project already started on SUN, 3rd JAN 2021: the idea is to upload a post every Sunday of the year, at exactly 0:07 hours. The plan is to have 52 installments, of course…

HOWEVER: As with the Magic Advent Calendar you won’t receive this automatically. In order not to add to the plethora of mails you already get, this is actually the ONLY reminder-mail I’ll send out.

To enjoy The Magic Memories you must go to, and then click “NEWS” in the menu bar. On the starting page you’ll also find an item which will take you to all past posts. If you don’t want to miss it, simply put a repeat reminder in your electronic calendar: every Sunday morning, instead of church, or right after 🙂

To see the first and second contributions, CLICK HERE.

If you believe that the The Magic Memories could be of interest to your friends, please forward this email to them.


Roberto Giobbi

PS: …and let me know how you like the idea. Please understand that I won’t be able to get into a correspondence, but rest assured that I read and appreciate your comments which you can leave on the website itself!

Source Roberto Giobbi’s Website

Andrea Clemente Pancotti

Principalmente sono io Andrea Clemente Pancotti: infanzia rovinata dai fascicoli di “STUPIRE!” di Carlo “Mago Fax” Faggi. Abbandona l’Arte per poi riscoprirla alla soglia degli ‘anta.“. Ora il team si e’ allargato, siamo comunque un gruppo di amatori, seriamente innamorati della Magia…

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