Pre-Publication Offer: Sharing Secrets

(Edito da Florence Art Edizioni e disponibile presto sul loro sito, prevista anche la pubblicazione in italiano)

“Pre-Publication Offer” means that you are paying now to help finance the book, which will be shipped ca. 31st May 2021, for this you receive a price reduction (valid only until May 31st). 

Bringing simplicity to a complex world: The key strategies of magic revealed. 

There is far more to a trick than its mechanics and presentation.
In this book, best-selling author Roberto Giobbi discusses the essential ingredients of artistic magic, the hallmark of all successful magicians. Never before have these closely guarded secrets been identified, named or explained in such a detailed yet succinct manner, all in a single volume. The concepts are illustrated with a first-rate trick, technique or presentation from Roberto’s working repertoire, written in a clear, engaging style.
Studying this book will change the way you view and practice magic.

If you would like Roberto to sign the book to your name, please mention it on the order form.

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