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Free Magic Downloads: Videos, Ebooks and other stuff!!!

This list in english is no longer in use, please refer to this longer list, translated by google:

Do you want to start to study magic with legally free resource and learn how to do simple magic tricks, without doing some piracy or follow some silli video tutorial on Youtube or other platforms and social media?

There are a lot of free resources where to learn “good” Magic, without spending an Euro Cent.

Often Magic companies and magic shops have a freebies worth a look, not just for the beginner, but also for the advanced student, visit them periodically, they will come out with new free releases.

Vanishing Inc. Magic: Magic company from Joshua Jay ed Andi Gladwin, a couple of very interesting videos and a lot of free ebooks.

Penguin Magic: a lot of material and it is update quite often. Every visit a new surprise!

Big Blind Media: not a lot of material, but the quality is very high

Conjuring Arts: usually during summers the gave for free a lot of PDF of some of the most important classics in Magic.

Ellusionist: just 5 videos from one of the founders.

Murphy’s Magic: also here just 5 videos, but the videos are from Gregory Wilson and with an high quality of stuff.

Theory11: difficult to find free stuff in here, but those are high quality material, look for the video of Jason England where he suggested some books to read.

Vanish Magazine: a free digital magic magazine, in their monthly issues you can find a lot of interesting informations ad magic tricks explained.

DVD / Video

My First Magic DVD, Gary Darwin

This is the first one to watch, it will give you a general idea about Magic.

Gary’s love of magic is contagious. Watch this DVD, and you’ll either fall in love with magic, or remember why you did years ago. It’s aimed at younger beginners, but a seasoned pro shouldn’t be too surprised to learn a thing or two! Gary has been performing magic for over 50 years, and teaching it for almost as long. Classics of magic along with original ideas are taught on this wonderful DVD.

You can get it here:

Ready to learn Magic?, Oz Pearlman

Also called “The Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever featuring Oz Pearlman and Jessie Geneva (DVD) ” is the second video I suggest, some more advanced techniques and tricks, this DVD is designed to be the perfect place to start. We surveyed over 3,000 professional caliber tricks and selected just the tricks we think are best for you as a serious beginner. These are tricks professional magicians respect and love, but they’re easy enough a new magician can truly master them. 

You can get it here:

BigBlindMedia Dvd of Awesome

The third one is this DVD Download from BBM, very strong and commercial effects, almost incredible that is a free download! With artists like: Bannon, Francis Cameron, Liam Montier, Joshua Jay, David Salomon, etc…

You can get it here:

Vanishing Inc Free Summer Download

Very strong material for this video! With artists like Luke Jermay, John Carey, John Guastaferro, Bebel, Mark Elsdon, Chris Rawlins.

This is new for us: we have assembled six of our very favorite close-up card tricks to perform, by six Vanishing Inc. artists, into one download FULL of useable material. The material was chosen for ease of handling, impact on an audiece, and the creator’s preferences. In other words, these are some of the CREATOR’S favorites.

You can get it here:

Card Killers Full52

Discovered recently, 5 effects with simple techniques, very indicated for the beginner student of Card Magic.

This is ‘CARD KILLERS’. 5 awesome card tricks that will amaze any audience! And, the best part is, this 30+ minutes, high-def video download is ABSOLUTELY FREE!! This is great magic that’s easy to do taught in detail by professional card man, Dave Forrest. Why not download right now? After all, it’s completely FREE with no strings attached.

You can get it here:

The Secrets of Magic di Rick Lax

Free video download from Penguin Magic, in this video from Rick Lax you will learn some easy and interesting magic tricks, but also Rick will start to introduce you to the theory of Magic.

World-famous magician Rick Lax is ready to TEACH you how to perform these powerful illusions…FOR FREE. You’ll learn how to PUSH A SALTSHAKER THROUGH A TABLE, how to MEMORIZE A DECK OF CARDS IN 6 SECONDS, how to PULL A RUBBER BAND THROUGH YOUR FINGERS…and more!

You can get it here:


Magic in Mind di Joshua Jay

It is a collection of essays from some of the most influential magicians, non tricks, 500 pages, 33 artists, a must read! With essay from John Carney, Darwin Ortiz, Tommy Wonder, Pit Hartling, Rene Lavand, Tom Stone, Eugene Burger, Juan Tamariz, etc…

I have spent the last three years working on Magic in Mind, which is my gift to all magicians, young and old, who care deeply about magic. I set out to assemble some of the most important, influential, and helpful essays on magic ever written, and make them available to all serious students of magic for free. Coming in at over 500 pages, Magic in Mind is finally ready.

You can get it here:

Tre Ebook da Jay Sankey

Jay Sankey is one of the most prolific creators in Magic, Here there are 3 wonderful ebooks with very strong material: “Beyond Secrets”, “Buried Treasure”, “Always On My Mind” from Jay Sankey.

You can get it here:

People’s Magic Library

From the Magic author from italy, Mariano Tomatis: “The age of books buried in antiquarians’ safety vaults is ended. The World Wide Web has subverted the elite’s monopoly. When copyrights expire, thousands of books are uploaded without any criteria of sorting. The People’s Magic Library is born to encourage the access to this treasure of knowledge. From now on, it will not be the money to make a difference: the price to pay to learn all these secrets will be the time and effort spent to read them. As in the words of Robert A. Heinlein, “The best things in life are beyond money; their price is agony and sweat and devotion.”

Hundreds of Public Domain Magic Books, from books as Le Carte Parlanti of Pietro Aretino from 1650, to Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge at the Card Table (Expert) of S.W. Erdnase. Also material from Houdini, Selbit, Erdnase, Professor Hoffmann, Thurston, Stanyon, Maskelyme, Hull, Annemann, Hugard, Marlo, Gardner, …

Visit the website

Google Books

One of the first places where to look for free magic books is Google Books, often you can’t see all the pages, but it is a good start to understand if it is worth buying or not. Take a look at Modern Coin Magic by Bobo or Big Book of Magic Tricks by Karl Fulves.

Potter & Potter

Potter & Potter Auctions, Inc. specializes in the sale of rare and collectible books, paper Americana, circus- and gambling-themed collectibles, playing cards, as well as magicana – antiques and collectibles related to magic tricks and magicians. In the latter category, Potter & Potter has established itself as a market leader, consistently setting record prices for rare and unusual apparatus, posters, autographs, ephemera, Houdiniana, and photographs. 

A wonderful place where to get fascinated by Magic Memorabilia. Take a look at this, this oppure this.

Visit the website

Something else? Please submit if you have additional resources.

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