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Dynamo ed Oscar Pistorius

Nella terza serie del programma Dynamo: Magie Impossibili, Dynamo ha incontrato l’atleta paralimpico Oscar Pistorius, prima del tragico evento che ha visto la morte della sua fidanzata. La produzione stà ancora decidendo se lasciare il segmento con l’atleta oppure se rimuoverlo.


While Dynamo was filming his soon to debut series of Magician Impossible in South Africa he recorded a trick with a no brainer of a guest: Oscar Pistorius.

The “Blade Runner” distance runner uses curved prosthetics where his legs were amputated. His successful attempt to compete in the London 2012 Olympic games made him an international star as well as the first double-leg amputee to participate in the men’s 400 meter event and the 4×400 relay.

As a native son of South Africa he became a point of pride for his nation. Which is why he was recorded as part of Dynamo’s series.

Then three months later he admitted to killing his girlfriend. He denies murdering her, saying that he confused her for an intruder.

The trial that followed also become international news. Now, with the feel-good story turned tragic the Watch network and the producers of Magician Impossible have opted to air the footage as part of the new season.

The insider said: “It is just a short clip of Oscar doing a magic stunt with Dynamo and is a small part of the overall show.

“The episode it is due to feature in hasn’t been finished yet and bosses did consider whether it should be cut. But they have decided it will stay, barring any major new evidence that comes to light in Oscar’s case.

“But they are continuing to monitor the situation to see if anything happens that would cause them to take it out.”

Magician Impossible debuts the first of four installments Thursday at 9pm GMT on Watch.


Andrea Clemente Pancotti

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