20-24/5/2020, Munich (DE), Magica 2020 + Hocus Pocus Fürstenfeld 🗓 🗺

Magica 2020 – the German Magical Championships will take place from May 21st – 24th 2020 at #Veranstaltungsforum #Fürstenfeld in #Fürstenfeldbruck (located 20 km from #Munich). @magica2020 #magicfestival #hocuspocus #hocuspocusfürstenfeld @hocuspocusfuerstenfeld

The #convention takes place every three years and is the biggest of its kind in the #German-speaking world, always attracting around 700 magicians. Visitors come not just from #Germany, but also from Austria, Switzerland and other European neighbours. Magica 2020 is organised by Kreuz Sieben UG and commissioned by the German Magic Circle (#Magischer #Zirkel von #Deutschland).

During the convention visitors will not only be able to watch the championship for the title “German Master of Magic 2020”, there are also several curated shows like the opening show, “Wonder Women”, the international gala on friday night and the award show on sunday night as well as the farewell show on sunday afternoon. The artists of these shows are Alexander Merk, Nathalie Romier, Pierric, Morgan & West, Der Schichtl, Alana, Malin Nilsson, Laura London, Alexandra Duvivier, Tina Lenert, Alberto Giorgi & Laura, Sven Heubes & Sabrina, Sebastian Nicolas, Fred Cie Poc, Marc Oberon, Bert Callenbach, Caroline Voit, Luke Jermay, Patrick Lehnen, Juno, Tim Becker, Patrick Granado and Denis Behr.

In addition to the shows there will also be more than 12 lectures, talks and presentations (in german and english).

From May 20th – 24th the public Magic Festival “Hocus Pocus Fürstenfeld” will take place at the same venue as the convention. 37 shows, an exhibition and further activities have been confirmed.

Overview of shows and lectures convention & festival:
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Fürstenfeldbruck, Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck, Baviera, 82256, Germania Mappa

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