Teller e la sua ombra, ovvero illusionismo e copyright

Il grande Teller del duo Penn & Teller ha vinto la sua causa contro chi vendeva il suo numero con tutte le spiegazioni… questa vittoria apre sviluppi molto interessanti sul fronte del copyright e magia.

teller ombra

Teller is widely known as a great magician, but he has just pulled off a feat that is without equal among his peers. He has prevailed in a lawsuit against another magician who put up a copycat illusion on YouTube.

Technically speaking, magic tricks aren’t copyrightable. In a ruling by a Nevada federal court on Thursday, U.S. District Judge James Mahan states that explicitly. (Gli effetti magici non possono essere coperti da copyright.)

What is protectable under copyright law is pantomimes, the art of conveying emotions, actions and feelings by gestures. The theatrical medium where magicians work has some of the flavor of pantomimes, and Teller has used it to his advantage. (Quello che puo’ essere coperto da copyright e’ la pantomima, la storia, la recitazione, di un atto teatrale e quindi di una presentazione di un effetto magico, Teller ha fatto leva su questo.)

Teller’s magic performance was called Shadows and is described as such:

“Shadows essentially consists of a spotlight trained on a bud vase containing a rose. The light falls in a such a manner that the shadow of the real rose is projected onto a white screen positioned some distance behind it. Teller then enters the otherwise still scene with a large knife and proceeds to use the knife to dramatically sever the leaves and petals of the rose’s shadow on the screen slowly, one-by-one, whereupon the corresponding leaves of the real rose sitting in the vase fall to the ground, breaking from the stem at exactly the point where Teller cut the shadow projected on the screen behind it.”

In 1983, Teller even registered Shadows with the U.S. Copyright Office in 1983.

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