Four Points: domare la paura per esibirsi davanti a chiunque.

adam wilberSu Four Points il mago statunitense Adam Wilber spiega come vincere la paura nell’esibirsi.

Conoscere il proprio repertorio: imparate gli effetti, fate pratica, provate e riprovate fino alla nausea. Fate che il vostro repertorio sia “istintivo” e conosciuto senza doverci più pensare mentre vi esibite.

La gentilezza aiuta: capiamo che ci avete messo mesi a creare il vostro personaggio rude, dark e gotico, perche’ tu sei un vero artista. Dimenticatevi tutto, essere gentili con il vostro pubblico e’ molto di aiuto.

Accettate il tremolio: il tremolio nelle mani e’ adrenalina, energia che scaturisce libera dal vostro corpo, fate confluire questa energia nella vostra performance.

Continuate ad esibirvi: avete seguito i tre punti precedenti e la vostra esibizione e’ stata un disastro?Bene. Continuate ad esibirvi, tutti i maghi hanno le loro storie dell’orrore, e più ne avete meglio sarete come maghi.

Semaforo rosso (punto extra): Adam e’ senza paura, ma non e’ stupido. Ci sono occasioni o spettatori per i quali e’ meglio non esibirsi, gente che parla in modo serio, o concitatamente, gente che mangia, litiga, etc…

Cosa ne pensate? Anche a voi succede?

L’articolo in inglese:

We’ve talked about how Adam Wilber is a fearless performer — see our story about what happened at the Slanted Door in San Francisco. His ability to perform in every situation also impressed Ellusionist’s Peter McKinnon, who wrote about his first meeting with Adam in the foreword of his book, “Creative Magic”:

“I didn’t realize Adam’s expertise or creative insights until I watched him perform for a large group in the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (in Las Vegas). One thing you need to know about Adam, is that he is absolutely 100 percent fearless. He will approach any group, any person, any party, any table at any time to perform anything. And he did just that. After watching him perform for these people, and receive a thunderous amount of applause and a slew of expensive, free drinks, it left me feeling one thing: inspired.”

“Creative Magic” will soon be available at The creator ofEarbuds has loaded his first book with much more than magic, however. In addition to a collection of Wilber’s workers he uses regularly in his performances, he exposes the wiring that leads to his creative energy. His methods for opening up the mind will inspire you to look at the world around you a little differently, and find your own miracles.

In connection with the release of “Creative Magic,” we mined up an interview we did with him in February and found four ways you can conquer your own nervousness or stagefright, and get on your own path to fearlessness.

KNOW YOUR REPERTOIRE: Learn it. Practice it. Rehearse it. Get sick of it. Learn it again. That’s how important an instinctual knowledge of your repertoire is.

“The most important thing is to know your material so well that you don’t have to think about the moves, actions or presentation as you’re performing. A lot of nerves come from the uncertainty of your material.”

POLITENESS HELPS: We understand that you may have put a lot of work into your dark, brooding, unfriendly performance character, because you are an artist. Ditch it for now. Being a friendly version of yourself goes a long way with people you’ve just met.

“Approach your spectators as a genuinely nice person and a friend first and as a magician second. Introduce yourself and ask them about themselves before performing anything. Be friendly and sincere in your conversation and try to truly get to know this person or group.”

EMBRACE THE SHAKES: Remember Nate Staniforth’s performance on Crash Course 2? How he was shaking more than Shakira’s unlying hips? That’s free energy that you can direct right into a performance.

“Use your nervousness to your advantage while performing. Try and take that energy and turn it into a positive. I used to be very honest with people and tell them straight out that I was a bit nervous. This would help me in the performance because it let them know I was human and they were experiencing something new and untested, so if I made a mistake it was OK. I still get nervous when approaching a stranger, but I have learned to take those nerves and use them as a positive energy that betters my performance.”

KEEP PERFORMING: What, you did the last three things, and the performance was a disaster? Flashed, fumbled and freaked out? Good. Keep doing it. Every magician needs a big stable of performance horror stories. And the more you have, the better you get.

“The more you perform the better you will become at overcoming nerves and using them to present your audience with a heartfelt and entertaining experience that they will remember for the rest of their life.”

RED FLAGS (Bonus point): Adam is fearless, but he isn’t stupid. We asked him if there was anyone he wouldn’t perform for, and what kind of red flags he seeks:

“There are certain situations I won’t walk into … If a group looks very serious and or busy in what they are doing I will avoid them. If I am doing table hopping or restaurant work I won’t approach anyone who is eating, unless they have specifically asked to see me. Just like anybody I have good and bad days. I usually won’t perform if I’m just having a bad day (unless its a paid gig, of course). If you are having fun performing, your good mood will rub off on your audience. Just like if you see someone yawn, your body forces you to yawn as well. If you see someone having a great time instinctively your mind forces you to join in on this good time. It’s always best to perform when you’re in a happy and upbeat mood.”

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