Essential Magic Collection: Joshua Jay, Dani DaOrtiz e Finn Jon

EMCLa collana Essential Magic Collection, curata e creata da Luis de Matos, presto si arricchirà di tre nuovi progetti:

Joshua Jay UNREAL

Joshua Jay is one of the most talented, intelligent and influential magicians in the world today. His magic is thoughtful, practical and powerful. In four amazing discs Joshua Jay explains with unique clarity some of his very best magic. UNREAL will be a must-have in any magic library.


Remember UTOPIA? Dani DaOrtiz is now RELOADED for you and will be retuning with another 12 hours of original, overwhelming and never before published material from the wizard that took the world by storm.


Finn Jon is a living legend. He created the elastic loop. A gimmick that is now in the repertoire of virtually every magician in the world. That was only the beginning. On LEGACY, Finn Jon explains it all for the first time… including the best kept secret for over 50 years… his “always ready” thread system used not only in any impromtu situation but also in signature routines like his famous Floating Ball which is also explained for the very first time.

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