Bill Cheung’s Magic Theater in Wiener Neustadt (Wien, Austria)


I send you some information about my theater, the magic theater located in Wiener Neustadt in Austria , with a 215 seats stage, a lounge with about 160 seats, focused on close magic and parlour magic shows.

Before the pandemic I traveled a lot around the world, in 2019 I flew 200,000 Kilometers to perform and lecture magic. But since the pandemic started last year, it is diffcult to travel , and almost all the shows, tours , festivel were canceled, I had more time to plan and think about something, a new project, so this magic theater I have planned long time, amost one year, before I can find a good location, and sign the contract.

I am planning to open the theater this year in december , but depending on the covid situation going. This is only the beginning, there is still a lot of work to do , and I will keep you update, thank you!

All the best, Yours

Bill Cheung
FISM World Champion of Magic 2018
Grand Prix of Europe FISM 2017

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